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Hi, all you new people!

Wish I could say that I can't wait to meet you, but I'm - gasp! - graduating in eighteen days,

I hope Seton Hill is everything you want it to be.

Food for thought: Seton Hill was not my first choice. (I got waitlisted by my first choice, which was Grove City if you really want to know.)

I have been UNBELIEVABLY happpy here. The first thing that you'll learn when you come here, if you care about such things, is that this place is vibrant with history and tradition. 

On one hand I'm excited for what comes next, and another hand no school is perfect and they all have their bumps and hiccups...but it is breaking my heart to leave.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

(For a brief heads-up, I'm a history and political science major, member of the Honors Program, former education major, and I've lived in Brownlee and Farrell Halls, so if you have questions about any of those, I'm your girl.)

Good luck!

P.S. Best piece of advice if you want to feel connected to this place: Make friends with Bill Black. He's the SHU archivist/historian, and all you have to do to make friends is approach him and say hi. He's hard to miss; he's got a long white beard and he's usually wearing a black track vest. (On days when he's going out to plant flowers he's wearing a blue t-shirt with dogs on it.) He's always got Strawberry Creamsavers in his pocket that he likes to hand out to people who look depressed, and he knows ALL the ghost stories.


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Hey folks,

I have two apartments rent across from Seton Hill on Concord Ave. There is a one bedroom (440 plus gas and electric) and an efficiency(325 plus gas and electric). The one bedroom was recently remodeled and the efficiency is well, very efficient. If you are interested in taking a look please feel free to shoot me an email at shawn.davies over at gmail.

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[Jul. 16th, 2006|09:44 pm]

hey everyone, i recently went to visit seton hill and i have a ques about the residence halls. the admissions counselor was like you'll probably be in the honors program so you'll have the option to stay in the new residence hall we're building. if i go to seton hill should i stay in the new hall or stay in brownlee? it may sound stupid like why would i want to stay in the regular girls freshman dorms but i don't know if i wanna be around honors stuff all the time. eh what do you think i should do?
space for rent

Mid-Summer Update

Hey all! School starts in 6-7 weeks! This is the obligatory "Is anyone alive out there?" post. How has the summer been? Jobs, camp...? As for me, its been constant working and Dance Dance Revolution...and I have now revealed how much of a dork I am. Oh well.

I heard that Sullivan Hall has begun going through phase 1 of its renovation...can anyone back that up?

Does anyone know what the current reading book is for the freshmen next semester? Certainly not anything as good as the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime or The Color of Water, I don't think, but then again, I don't know what the book is.

The bookstore also hasn't started online ordering of books yet. I emailed them and they said not until late July and into August. Needless to say, I was irked about this.

Okay, that's all I've got. I'm up in New York, so I'm pretty far away from all the SHU action.
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I created my eight-semester schedule over Christmas break, incorporating journalism major, sociology minor, and liberal arts requirements. I ended up with only 110 credits out of the mandatory 120 needed for graduation. Today I added the remaining credits I needed -- nonrequired classes that interest me -- and I realized that I had just picked up a creative writing minor. Is it possible to have two minors at SHU?

Obligatory post....?

As it's the second week of the new semester, and nothing's been said on this journal for sometime now, I feel I should do some updating, perhaps of some upcoming events and some shameless advertising. For some reason, everyone's been feeling the stress way too early, it seems. I know I'm feeling it, at least.

Also, the Student Activities Office has been cooking up some interesting stuff. Last week they had some hot tubbing, which those who went seemed to enjoy. This Friday, 9pm in Lowe Dining Hall they have a band by the name of Sunday Driver coming.

The movie this weekend is Just Like Heaven, and after this week is RENT. *is so excited!* And after that is Harry Potter! *is even more excited!*

By the way, does anyone know what the Eye Contact theme is this semester? And furthermore, does anyone know when the deadlines are?

I really wish they'd bring back The Neon Swing Experience, Brad Yoder and comedian Steve Chouette. Does anyone agree with me on this one?

Ah yes, and also, I've found out an interesting tidbit: Dr. Jerz has posted this journal as a link on the New Media Journalism blogging main page. I don't know when he did it but I checked last week and there it was.