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home stretch?

Hey everyone! I'm updating because it's been awhile, we've got a few new members (welcome) and I suppose you could say we're in the home stretch. Also, because it's 1:46 am and I've got nothing else better to do. That and the fact its the first time in about 3 weeks my internet's been working--it's dialup. It's 26 days until the Freshmen get to Seton Hill, and 29 days for everyone else. Word has it that the residence hall is practically being thrown up and might be finished on the 28th.

Personally, I got my bill today and then commenced a screaming fit (well, not really.) I'm also wondering how that coed Freshman dorm thing is going to work out. Bit of a mistake if you ask me. I wonder how they're going to enforce that one, since they could barely enforce the drinking policy. But then again Havey rooms are bigger. And does anyone know what's going on with our visitation/alcohol policies? I also heard at one point that they were changed, but I haven't really known any more about that. And I think Dr. Robin got married this summer, which only occured to me when I got that red pamphlet thing in the mail and it didn't say Illsley.

Ah well. That's my two cents.

I hope you guys are having a great summer, and I'm definitely looking forward to coming back. I think I'm not really excited about leaving home, but I'm excited about coming back. Does that make sense? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the month, and stay cool (since it's so damn hot everywhere).
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