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I am really disappointed in the most recent edition of Seton Hill's alumni magazine, Forward.

In May, I, along with 182 classmates graduated from SHU. We weren't even listed in the alumni magazine, but they did a two-page spread on the speakers, and a huge inset about the pastoral ministry program and a quote from the senior class president. While those are good features, they used to always list the graduates and any honors they received. I'm not looking for fame, but I think they deserve a little credit being new alumni and all...

To make matters worse, I'm an alumni news agent, and though I sent in my news long before the deadline, it didn't appear in this issue. This makes me look bad to the alumni I was reporting on.


And am I the only one who thinks the cheerleaders' skirts are a wee on the too-darn-short side? No offense to any squad members here.
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