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Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 08:54 pm

Another icon for on_the_hill. This is certainly less appealing than the last.

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Wed, Mar. 29th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)

lol, creative :)

Wed, Mar. 29th, 2006 02:24 pm (UTC)

Many people see my Seton Hill car decal and ask, "who are the 'shoe griffins?' Some kind of Japanese baseball team?"

Wed, Mar. 29th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)

Why do so many people ignore our university’s acronym, but have no problem with all the others?

I’ve never heard anyone laugh at an Ohio State student for going to “Oh-so”? Or call Seattle Pacific University “spew”?

It’s such a terrible injustice.