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This is a community for students who currently go to Seton Hill University or for students who are looking to apply here and are looking for advice. You can say whatever you want here...you can praise the University, or bitch about it and it's classes, it's open. You can post events that are happening on campus here, or whatever you like.

Seton Hill University got university status in 2002. At the same time, we got a new mascot, the Griffin, and a new motto, "This Way Up", which is incredibly true if you've ever scaled the hill. Our old motto was "Hazard Yet Forward", which is still on our school crest.

We've currently been getting new sports teams, including a new football team, lacrosse team, and wrestling. We've been getting major changes to our campus, including a new Recreational Center, a new dormitory, playing fields, a theatre center in the city, and a revamping of our main activities hall. Oh, and sometime this year they've promised us a new Cove (aka on campus restaurant), but most students are doubting this will actually happen in this lifetime.

This community is moderated by visionturtle64, a junior majoring in Communication at SHU.
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